About Iconium Networks

When you do business with Iconium Networks, you are entering a strategic technology partnership that will last for a decade or more. Its founder, Matthew Hutter, had the vision to help small businesses grow their technology as their business grows. Like people, computers can be difficult. Our team ensures a smooth experience for you as you work with your office technology.

Founded in 1999 by an electrical engineer, Iconium Networks has evolved into one of the leading managed service technology providers in northeast Ohio. Employing a group of highly-trained technicians, with over 40 years of experience in Information Technology, Iconium Networks offers clients an affordable alternative to traditional in-house IT staffing.

Matthew Hutter

Chief Relationship Manager

After graduating from University of Dayton with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and receiving many certifications from HP, Microsoft, Citrix and others, I began working.

In the late 90’s I did a lot of moonlighting helping small businesses run their networks, servers and desktops. But, it wasn’t until 2008,when I got laid off from a Fortune 500 company, that I decided to take the business full time.

I was reading the Bible and came across a verse mentioning the name Iconium. I thought that it sounded like a high-tech word similar to Titanium or Plutonium. I then named the company Iconium Networks

I spend a great deal of time keeping up with industry trends and computer threats to small businesses so that we can offer creative solutions to our customer’s business technology needs. And, my ultimate goal for my business is to continue to grow it, and offer more products to keep small businesses safe from hackers, outages and unexpected hardware failures. I also enjoy the process of meeting new prospects and showing them what we can offer.

I am passionate about running marathons and half-marathons. When I’m not working or running I can be found brewing my own beer (IPAs, Weizenbier, pale ales).

Meet the Team

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Adam Gardin

Director of Operations

After graduating from the University of Michigan with BA’s in Political Science & Creative Writing, I attended the Hofstra School of Law, where I also served as a senior desktop support specialist for the IT department. Despite graduating with a Juris Doctorate, I realized my true passion was for IT.

I joined Iconium Networks in 2013 – first as a helpdesk technician and then advancing to the dual roles of Chief Technical Architect and Operations Manager.  Identifying and implementing innovative solutions to complex technology needs for our clients is one of my most fulfilling responsibilities.

If I could write my own job description at Iconium Networks it would be Technical Detective. What I love the most about my job is that it changes daily. Every day is a mystery that needs a detective. With the constant and rapid technology changes, I have to be very deductive in my approach to solving client issues.

I grew up in Los Angeles, and Annenberg Beach remains one of my favorite spots in the world.

When I’m not working I enjoy reading books and traveling with my wife and children. Literature transports and travel educates in ways the classroom cannot.

Carl Innocenti

Desktop Support Engineer

Many years ago I started out as a contract programmer for TRW. After that I became a reseller of hardware and software for mid-range IBM systems.

I have been in the IT business for over 50 years. In that time, I sold and supported a number of IBM and AS/400 systems as well as supporting businesses throughout the Lorain and Western Cuyahoga county areas.

Since selling my company to Matt, I see my primary role as a supportive one. I like to help to make Ryan’s job easier for him.

Now, with Iconium Networks, I like to think of my position as one of management of the west side location. As the manager, one of the things that I would like to make sure is that all those working with me need to understand that that end user has to be happy! Working with the customers and resolving their issues is a favorite part of the job for me.

I grew up in Lorain county and, obviously, never wandered far from home.

And, in my spare time, it’s about the boat.


Ryan Walker

Desktop Support Engineer

I grew up in Elyria and North Ridgeville and spent a lot of time on computers, I built my first computer at the age of 17. It was then that I became a  full-fledged “nerd” and continued to build computers.

After graduating from Lorain County Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Maintenance and Networking, I continued building a strong background in hardware and software as well as Server Support. During this period I worked in a variety of industries.

At Iconium Networks I mostly support local businesses in anything that involves servers, work stations software, network devices –routers ,etc., and my favorite part of the job is making the customer happy and the boss happy. If they’re happy, I’m happy!

If there was anything in this field that I wish I could fix it would be for people to understand the importance of their computers and network. Too many people don’t give either one of them much thought until they stop working. Keeping computers in good working condition, replacing them when they get old and making good backups, is key to sustaining a business and minimizing downtime.

When I’m not working I enjoy football, drag racing, fishing, playing video games and building gaming PCs.

Jacob LeQuyea

Desktop Support Engineer

I am a graduate from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (major/concentration: Applied Computer Security and Forensics).

My hobbies and interests include being outdoors whether it’s camping, hiking and fishing. I also love playing soccer and being active.

My favorite part of I.T. is problem solving and also being able to go onsite to meet new customers!

Matt Haser

Desktop Support Engineer

The first half of my working career was spent as a laborer building cabins and in manufacturing plants. Eventually it was time for a change and I’ve always had a knack for technical aspects of, well… everything! Albeit a rocky road, I obtained my Master’s in Security Assurance in 2018 from Perdue University. During this time I was a lone wolf managing a 250+ employee company’s network where tasks ranged from desktop support to systems administration.

Fast forward 13 years, I felt something was missing in my skill set and there was. Matt and I spoke and shortly after, I started at Iconium Networks! Great group of people here and am always excited for tomorrow. In my spare time you’ll typically see me spending time with my wife or dogs. Our house is best represented by the 1966 film “The Ugly Dachshund” 1 golden and the rest dachshunds. Outside of family you may also see me golfing, gaming, fishing, or bowling.

Harry Wilson

Desktop Support Engineer

Hello! My name is Harry Wilson and I will be happy to help. I grew up in Cleveland most of my life until I moved to Middlefield, Ohio and now currently live in Ravenna, Ohio. Graduating from Kent State, I have a bachelors in History, concentrating on the global aspect, and an associates in Arts and Sciences.

My career background spreads in my directions from education, construction to the auto industry. I am fairly new to the IT field. I like to broaden my horizons when it comes to my skill set so I am looking forward to seeing what IT has to offer.

It has always been of interest for me and now I get a chance to explore it. As for my private life, I enjoy the outdoors, traveling,going to the gym, cooking and spending time with friends and family. I look forward to assisting any way I can!